Slán le Rang a Sé

We had a wonderful day to celebrate the graduation of our 6th class pupils. After years of restrictions, we were delighted to hold a graduation mass in our school hall and welcome parents and families of 6th class pupils into the school hall. This was followed by a graduation ceremony, a graduation song and a slide how in our school library. The children were also delighted to arrive in the library to see a cart with jars full of sweets.

To mark the end of their time in Ballycroneen, our amazing Parents' Association also purchased graduaton hoodies for all children in 6th class.

Thank you to all involved including Fr. Pat for the graduation service, Mr. Leahy for the live music, Teresa for the flowers, the staff for preparing the children for the service, Michelle for organising the sweet cart and graduation hoodies and to out Parents' Association for purchasing the hoodies.

The children were fantastic on the day and and our 6th class received the wonderful send off they deserved.


Graduation Song


Graduation Ceremony

Slide Show

PhotoStory 6th class 2022 FINAL.wmv