What is the Big Friendly Guide to the European Union?

BFGTOEU is an innovative course that teaches children about Ireland and the European Union. It develops deliberative skills and critical thinking in children. All classes from Junior Infants to 6th class will be taking part in the programme.

Junior & Senior Infants


  • Ireland as a country as part of something bigger

  • Why the EU was created

  • The Euro

  • Teamwork- the positives and negative of working together

1st - 3rd Classes


  • Ireland and the European Union

  • The concept of a Union

  • Symbols of the European Union

  • Exploring European Union members

  • Debate about how you make decisions in a large group

  • Discuss how easy or difficult it is to travel around the European Union depending on the passport you have

4th - 6th Classes

  • Why the European Union was created

  • The important symbols of the European Union

  • Brexit

  • Decision making and the single market

  • European Parliament and its role

  • European election campaign