4th - 6th Classes

Rang 4 -Rang 6

Watercolour Bees

The children in the senior room have been studying bees and the benefits they have to our natural environment. To celebrate World Bee Day, the children created vibrant bees using watercolours. See our amazing gallery below  

Wellbeing & Plant workshop

The children in the senior room enjoyed a wellbeing and plant workshop recently. They learned about the importance of wellbeing, why we should take care of ourselves, how to take care of our wellbeing and hiow we can do so using plants. The connection between plants and humans was also discussed. Thank you to Zameel for taking the time to present the workshop and for giving the children the gift if a plant at the end of the workshop.

We are so proud of the pupils in our school. A group of children decided to organise a bake sale in aid of  a local organisation- The Rainbow Club for Autism. The children baked all the cakes and sold them in the local area. They raised over €200 on the day. Well done!

Spring Art Lesson in our Outdoor Classroom


We have been very busy studying rocks and geology. We learned about the different types of rocks- Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We learned about earthquakes ansd volcanoes and how different types of rocks form. To complete our studies we then analysed various rocks and their properties.

2D Shape

We have been studying 2D shape and tangrams in Maths. The children constructed various scenes using tans. We also integrated our chromebooks into our Maths lessons where by the children played various 2D shape games.

Spellings for Me

We were learning our new spelling lists this week with a fun game using our Spellings for Me programme. Some very tight games were had!

Road Safety Workshop

We took part in an online road safety workshop. The workshop was provided by Cork County Council and they children learned about crossing the road safely, bike safety, the importance of wearing seat belts to name but a few.

Coding with Microsoft

4th-th classes recently took part in a coding workshop. The workshop took place live on our interactive whiteboard. We received a tour of Microsoft Dream Space in Dublin, took part in a discussion session about procedures and coding. Finally, we used our iPads and Chromebooks to complete a coding workshop with our wonderful facilitator Corey.


In PE we have focusing on the dance strand of the curriculum. Our focus has been on Irish dance. To date, we have learned the Walls of Limerick and the Siege of Ennis.  Take  a look at our classes below. It has been great fun learning these dances!

Siege of Ennis.mp4