4th - 6th Classes

Rang 4 -Rang 6


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❤️ The Heart & Coding ❤️ 

To celebrate Valentines Day, the children in the senior room studied the human heart. We used our 'STEAM in a Box' kit, that we won earlier in the year, to learn about how the heart works, the various parts of the heart and how to take care of our hearts. We used our new coding kits to code messages of love for our friends and families and we used our iPads and magic science T-shirt to view the heart internally on some of our students. 

To finish off the topic, the pupils created 3D versions of the heart (see below)

Microbit Valentines.mp4
Microbit Valentines1.mp4


We have been learning about Circuits in the senior room. We learned how to construct a basic circuit in groups. We learned how to construct a paralell circuit, the various parts of a circuit, how circuits work and safety around electricity. We also used our Maths skills to calculate the area of the floors and walls and estimated the cost to floor and paint our rooms!

The class were then tasked with contructing a room of a house. They had to insert a room light with a switch as well as painting and decorating it.


Watercolour Bees

The children in the senior room have been studying bees and the benefits they have to our natural environment. To celebrate World Bee Day, the children created vibrant bees using watercolours. See our amazing gallery below  

2D Shape

We have been studying 2D shape and tangrams in Maths. The children constructed various scenes using tans. We also integrated our chromebooks into our Maths lessons where by the children played various 2D shape games.