Science Week

Seachtain Eolaíochta

Junior & Senior Infants

Our Junior class made slime (oobleck) and explored the different things we could do with it. We created rainbow colours by mixing milk, washing up liquid and colouring. we observed as the colours changed and separated. We also did paper towel colour mixing we watched the paper towel change to different colours. We also made an exploding potion, explored items that float and sink and the a dancing raisins experiment. Finally, we learned some facts about a famous scientist Alexander Graham Bell.

1st - 3rd classes

We conducted an experiment to find out what happened gummy bears when they were left in water. We also created a bubbling potion. We measured our heart rate and observed the effect of exercise on the rate. Finally, we examined the waterproof properties of materials and designed rafts for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to cross the river and not use the troll's bridge.

4th - 6th Classes

The senior room were very busy for Science Week. We built bridges from recycled items that could hold 20 coins in the centre. We also made 'Drawbots'. First of all, we had to create a circuit that could power a motor. Then, we built a robot that can draw. We combined the motor with our robot to make the final product- A Drawbot!

Take a look at our pictures and videos below