1st -3rd Classes

Rang 1- Rang 3

Valentines Day

In Art we focused on the print strand of the curriculum. We designed our own stamps and, wkith paint, created some wonderful prints for our loved ones!

St. Brigid's Day

We marked St.Brigid's Day by making crosses in school. Take a look at our amazing creations below!

Calendar Art Lesson

We started the new year by designing our 2022 calendars with an accompanying picture of thr seasons


In music we have been learning some pop songs. We have been practicing all week and could not wait to share our performances with the whole school. Take a look at our recent concert in the glorious winter sunshine ⬇️



In art we were learning how to create pinch pots and coil pots. Take a look at our wonderful creations below.


In Geography we are studying the counties of Ireland. We have been learning the counties of Ireland using our maps, jigsaws and iPads. We are also making brochures that give information about the county while also highlighting the main attractions and features you may find there


Science in our Outdoor Classroom